Frequently asked questions

I am not a vegan can I still eat your burger patties?

Absolutely we have many people from all walks of life who are practising vegans, vegetarians, part time vegetarians as well as people consuming meat products who enjoy our burger patties.

What are the burger patties made of?

We use fresh vegetables and vegetable derived ingredients to make our burgers. There is no gluten, beans, legumes, soya, dairy or any other animal derived product in our burger patties.

Does the burger patties contain onions?

Yes all our burger patties contain onions.

How do I fry the burger patties

1. You will need to defrost the burger patties before frying them. 2. Pour oil (olive is best but sunflower works too!) into a small frying pan. 3. Very important - heat the oil at low temperature. 4. Place the burger patties in the pan and fry 5. Wait about 5mins on one side and then turn over for frying 5mins on the other side. 6. Make sure that the burger pattie is heated uniformly through (that's why we use low heat!) 7. Take pan off the stove and place the burger patties in a plate with kitchen towel. 8. The kitchen towel is used to absorbs excess oil. 9. Plate up and enjoy!

Where can I buy the burger patties from?

You can order directly from us using our online store on the website or buy from one of the stores that stock our product.

How do I pay when ordering burger patties from you?

1. You order on the website and all orders are sent to us. 2. When you order you provide a contact number that we contact you back on to confirm the order and delivery time. 3. We collect payment for your order on delivery in cash. 4. Please can make sure that you have the correct cash amount to pay as change is always a problem (thank you!)

Can I send you a testimonial of my experience?

Absolutely, please use any of our social media platforms @theparttimevegan or send us an email on info@theparttimevegan.co.za and ensure you confirm if we can use on our website. If your testimonial is used on our website then we have a surprise for you on your single followup order from us.